Children experience the Middle Ages

These modules are designed for school classes of any age group, for groups of children, for families or kindergarten kids.  We adapt the program to suit each level. 

Create your own individual journey through time.
Each module lasts 50 mins. and any of them can be combined to your own liking.

The price for a module is                        €   3.50 per person.


Journey through time to visit the knights and the ladies of the castle

The children will be greeted at the archway to the castle and, crossing the drawbridge, enter into the world of the Middle Ages.  Who lived here in the castle?  What did the knights eat?  What exactly is a garderobe?  Was everyone allowed to wear whatever he wanted or was there a dress code?  What is a mail coat made of and how does a suit of armor look like?  All of these questions will be answered on our journey through the chambers of the castle. The children can try on clothing worn in the Middle Ages and feel just like the lady or the lord of the castle.


The crusaders and the alchemists

Visitors can take part in an interactive multi-media installation. Page through a giant virtual book, and relive the adventures of Wulfing the Crusader.
Get caught up in the magic of the mysterious world of alchemy. 
We'll pluck the strings of a lute, take a sniff of some spices and unravel the trickiest of mysteries. We can eavesdrop on the alchemists, unlock their secret signs and find "The Philosophers' Stone". The hidden passageway of the children‘s museum takes you right into the secret laboratory of alchemists of old.

Adventure Archeology (only in German)

A tableau of seven meters highlights all of the treasures that have been dug up.
Some of them are up to 500 years old.

The shattered pieces of history we find tell us all about life at the castle. Coins, the stems of glasses, arrowheads, bone fragments, oyster shells and even shards of earthenware are witness to their use in the kitchen or at lavish banquets.


Castrum Chaffenberg and the Loreto Chapel

Let's wander along the remains of the wall surrounding the first castle at Kapfenberg, where we'll discover the mountain spring and the Donatus Chapel.  In the tiny Loreto Church, we'll hear the saga of The Tresses of Agnes and the legend of Maria Loreto.  At the end of our journey we will gaze down from the heights and know what it felt like to be one of the Counts of Stubenberg.


Torture and pain (only in German)

Court hearings in the Middle Ages

Someone stole a sack of grain?  Someone insulted someone else?  How were petty crimes or criminal acts punished in the Middle Ages?  We'll find that out by role playing at a mock trial.   You will be assigned a role to play, receive instructions on how the process works and there you go!  Dressed up in clothing from the Middle Ages we'll hear from the defendant and the witnesses.  We'll pray for the poor sinners with their scold's bridles, thumbscrews and leg screws, before we sentence them to public humiliation.


Birds of prey demonstration

the one-of-a-kind birds of prey demonstration will delight you again and again.

With an unforgettable panorama as their backdrop, our birds of prey demonstrate their breathtakingly daring untethered flight moves.

Wednesday-Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Open Mondays and Tuesdays only on holidays.

Special prices for schools

€   4.00                       per child